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CONAN - Anna Camp's Awkward Broadway Nudity!


While performing nude in "Equus," Anna could see blinking red camera lights throughout the audience.


CONAN: Is it difficult for you?-- you have parents watching you in a very violent situation and sometimes very sexual situations. Is that difficult for your family?

ANNA CAMP: Yeah. I'm from South Carolina which is kind of a conservative state, and "True Blood" is definitely not a show for my grandmom by any means. She tried to watch it?-- I've been on it since seen two and she stopped watching when the orgies happened. And that's okay. I don't blame her

CONAN: That's when my grandmother started watching. My grandmother is a gold prospector. There's gold in them hills. Does that make for an awkward conversation?

ANNA CAMP: She just doesn't mention it anymore. But my parents on the other hand, have seen me do a lot of crazy things in my career. They've actually seen me naked on stage before, so they're used to stuff.

CONAN: You were nude on Broadway is that right?

ANNA CAMP: I was. Yeah.

CONAN: I said that like an accusation. Sorry. You were nude on Broadway. Officer, here she is. Part of a police report. I'm just curious how one prepares to?-- I'm dressed in the shower and dressed at all times. I'm very ashamed of my body.

ANNA CAMP: Are you okay?

CONAN: No, I'm not. But if you saw me you'd understand. But you, how does one even prepare to go out in front of a Broadway audience without clothes on?

ANNA CAMP: Well, you know, I was never one to walk around the gym naked. I'm a modest person. When I auditioned I was like, oh God I know I have to be naked and I got the part and I should have been very excited but I was like, oh, Dang, now I have to take all my clothes off. There's no real way to prepare yourself for that. You just sort of go out and do it and actually you know there would be people in the third row with binoculars.

CONAN: What?

ANNA CAMP: Some nights you and can't tell them not to bring it in. And we would actually like in moments it was Daniel Radcliffe and I would be about to take my bra off and all of a sudden I would see little red lights pop up from cameras.

CONAN: They're not allowed to do that.

ANNA CAMP: They had a couple of bouncers that would try to take the cameras away

CONAN: What kind of perv is taking out giant binoculars when you're naked?

ANNA CAMP: Thank you. Right? Like you would think that they would be embarrassed because it definitely calls attention to her perviness, you know? Right?

ANNA CAMP: I feel so guilty about that.

ANDY: He has terrible eyesight.

ANNA CAMP: Remember me?

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