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COLONY (USA): Watch the First Trailer for Josh Holloway's New Drama!

Josh Holloway is really hoping that reuniting with Lost's Carlton Cuse for USA Network's Colony will be a win. USA released the first trailer for the series during the show's panel at Comic-Con on Friday, and it looks ... like a trailer starring Josh Holloway's handsome jawline! I kid, but the trailer does little to answer any questions it raises. However, I'm kind of into that.

Colony takes place in what is supposed to be contemporary Los Angeles, which exists in a state of occupation by a force of unknown, unnamed, outside intruders. Some people, like Holloway's Will Bowman, a former FBI agent, have chosen to collaborate with the new authority to bring down the resistance movement. Those who work with them benefit from the new order, while those who rebel obviously suffer the consequences.

The series also stars Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead's Lori) as Will's wife, Katie, who struggles to keep their three children safe and united while he collaborates with the unwanted intruders. Check out the trailer below:

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