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Clear Your Schedule: This Is the Best Week of Television Premieres Ever!

You may think you're at "Peak TV" (ugh, sorry, I'll put a quarter in the Peak TV jar) but you haven't even climbed halfway up the mountain. The actual peak is yet to come, and it all starts this Sunday in what I'm enthusiastically dubbing the greatest week of television premieres in the history of mankind! Okay, so I didn't do any research to back that claim up, but looking at the calendar ahead, October 11 to October 16 looks like a six-headed Mount Rushmore of great television that you should be watching.

And better yet, it's spread out to every day of the week so the conflict is limited and your DVR won't tap out by Wednesday. It's our job here at to make sure that you are glued to your television sets 24/7, so we wanted to make sure you knew exactly how great this week of television is. Let's run down the premieres that you need to watch, day-by-day.

OCTOBER 11-16, 2015

SUNDAY – The Walking Dead Season 6 (AMC)

I know what you're thinking, not this again. And it's true, The Walking Dead can be wildly inconsistent, but there are times the zombie drama is a sharp and scary look at human nature to the max, and the Season 6 premiere is one of those times. Having seen it, I can say this is a very, very good episode The Walking Dead, and it features some fantastic character moments as well as several of the most impressive shots the show has ever done thanks to a [spoiler redacted]. If you were hesitant about tuning in, don't be.

MONDAY – Fargo Season 2 (FX)

This loose adaptation of the Coen Brothers film was one of my favorite shows of 2014 and didn't get the attention it deserved, despite winning a bunch of Emmys in a pretty shallow Miniseries category. Everyone should have been glued to their sets during Season 1, which featured some of the best acting, writing, and directing of any show that year. Season 2 is a prequel set in 1979, and you don't have to have seen the movie or Season 1 to jump in. If you like dark comedy, then you absolutely have to watch this because it combines graphic violence with subtle slapstick better than any show not named Breaking Bad Season 1 or 2. I've already watched the premiere twice, and I liked it even more the second time around.

Note: The CW's great Jane the Virgin also returns for Season 2 this day.

TUESDAY – Manhattan Season 2

Guys, just listen to me. Watch this show. Please. It's so good. Set in the 1940s during World War II, Manhattan follows scientists working to make the single most destructive weapon ever deployed in the history of mankind, all while under the careful watch of the military in a town built out in the middle of the New Mexican desert. So yeah, things are heavy and radioactive secrets will be exposed. I'd advise you to catch up on Season 1, which is streaming on Hulu and frequently marathoned on WGN America, before watching Season 2, but you'll thank me for it. Early reviews of Season 2 have been even better than the acclaim for Season 1, and the premiere is another outstanding chapter.

WEDNESDAY – Kingdom Season 2

Do not let the MMA setting keep you from watching this layered and addictive drama, because Kingdom is about MMA fighting the way Friday Night Lights was about football: the sport is important to the show's narrative structure and provides a solid foundation for the emotionally charged performances that anchor the series, but the show is about much, much more than that. The grit and violence of this world is on full display as the series tackles loyalty and passion, dives into the depths of its characters' complicated histories, and chronicles the comeback stories of former champions and the challenging rise of up-and-coming talents. And it's all anchored by incredible physical and emotional performances from both the men and the women who make up its heart. Kingdom is a surprisingly adept drama that is worth every single minute of your time. DirecTV is airing a marathon of the first season beginning on Saturday (Ch. 239 or U-Verse Ch.1114), but Season 1 is also available on iTunes and Amazon.

THURSDAY – Nathan For You Season 3

Nathan Fielder might not jump over alligator-infested waters on a flaming motorcycle, but the host of Nathan For You is a daredevil in his own right. His on-screen persona is that of an awkward business-school graduate who helps small business owners improve their profits with out-of-every-single-box-that's-ever-been-invented thinking, and he often finds himself in danger because of them. The ideas are ridiculous (remember Dumb Starbucks?), but through the magic of television peer pressure, the owners shrug their shoulders and agree to his ideas. What happens after that is nothing short of magic as Fielder combines a prank show, sketch comedy, and careful examinations on human nature for some of the most absurd and funny television you'll ever see.

FRIDAY – The Knick Season 2

The excellent period medical drama The Knick isn't on HBO, it's on its sister network Cinemax despite a lack of absurd violence and naked women. But the quality is everything you'd expect from the home of The Sopranos and director Steven Soderbergh, who crafts a stunning portrayal of the breakthroughs in surgery made in New York City in the early 1900s. Clive Owen absolutely inhabits the role of renegade surgeon Dr. John Thackery (and his mustache is tight), themes of futurism and innovation are relevant in today's tech-heavy world, and an out-of-time score from frequent Soderbergh collaborator Cliff Martinez gets the motor running. If Cinemax makes the jump up with the big boys, we'll look at The Knick as the first step.

PHEW! Which of these will you be watching, and which have piqued your interest by being on the list?

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