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Chicago P.D.

CHICAGO P.D. (NBC) - Watch The Latest Episode!

Chicago P.D.

"Get My Cigarettes"

While Halstead evades a $100,000 bounty, Intelligence investigates a bloody turf war...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


A childhood friend of Voight's is found murdered on a rooftop with a dollar bill pinned to his chest - and he's not the only one. Is someone cleaning house? Intelligence jumps on the first lead - a lumberyard acting as a front for oxytocin, but it's a dead end. Voight leans on a mutual friend of the deceased, but he bristles, hip to the recent revelation that Voight worked with Internal Affairs. The investigation halts until Ruzek discovers the involvement of loan sharks and their recent squeeze on a local dry cleaners that landed the owner's wife in the hospital. Dale, the owner in question, denies any involvement, requesting that P.D. leave him and his two kids to stay at their mother's side. His story checks out when another body drops - only this time it comes with a surprise survivor in the trunk, the dead man's daughter. Not only can she identify the killer, but she states that he spared her during the attack.

Back at District 21, a sketch from the key witness identifies someone unexpected - Nate Hansen, Dale's 17-year-old son. Turns out that Nate saw the three (now dead) men threaten his father's life and decided to exact revenge. This leads to a tip on his next target - Voight's friend from earlier, whom they find wounded seconds after a visit from Nate. The team knows he must be close, and Halstead learns they're right when he ends up face-to-face with Nate outside the apartment, the kid's shotgun pointed right at him. After a tense standoff, Nate chooses to run rather than shoot, and an epic foot chase through Chicago ensues, concluding with Halstead, Lindsay and Atwater breathing heavy by the CTA train tracks... and no sign of Nate.

Lindsay agrees to meet with her mom Bunny during a break in the action, but she can't maintain the cheery façade. After all, it's been eight years since they saw each other, and most of Lindsay's memories center on keeping Bunny clean and fetching her cigarettes. Bunny pleads with her to forget the past, and Lindsay understands when her mom's fiancé arrives - this is all a ploy to appear normal. Either way, Lindsay plays nice with him, but does not hide her annoyance.

Intelligence manages to track Nate back to Chicago Med where he stands in his mother's room, gun raised, ready to shoot any cop who approaches. Halstead tells the team to stand down, and he levels with Nate, citing their shared military experience. This convinces Nate to put the gun down, and Halstead leads him away gently.

Unfortunately, Halstead's night doesn't end there. He learns about a break-in at his apartment - nothing stolen, and no one else in the complex reports any similar incidents. Could it be the bounty hunters? Not willing to take a chance, he meets Lindsay at a bar and asks her if he can crash with her, but before she can answer, shots fire from the doorway. Lindsay pulls Halstead to the ground. The shooter sprints away and leaves Halstead and Lindsay unscathed... but Halstead's friend, the bartender, lies on the floor, wounded, bleeding from the neck. The first victim in an attempt on Halstead's life.

Chicago P.D.

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