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Chicago P.D. - Season 3

Chicago P.D. (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Natural Born Storyteller"

Season 3 Episode 2

"Natural Born Storyteller"

A child abduction case hits too close to home for Dawson; Lindsay and Bunny's relationship reaches a critical impasse and Roman reveals his secret to Burgess.

Lindsay (Sophia Bush) finally faces up to Bunny (Markie Post), insisting that they need time apart after all they've been through. But Bunny's not having it, and insists this is all Voight's (Jason Beghe) doing. He's going to get Lindsay killed, Bunny tells her, just like he got Lindsay's friend and roommate Nadia (Stella Maeve) killed.

When Roman (Brian Geraghty) falls behind in the frenzied foot chase of a gangbanger, Burgess' (Marina Squerciati) suspicions over her partner's health mount. After apprehending the suspect, the two discover the body of a murdered child in an abandoned refrigerator.

Later that day, Burgess and Roman walk Dawson (Jon Seda) and Olinsky (Elias Koteas) through the crime scene. The team theorizes that the victim may be that of a young boy who had been reported missing earlier that day. Everyone knows this case will hit close to home for Dawson, who is still raw over his own child's abduction.

At the District, they learn that the victim's name is Jeremy Dolan and that he was tied with sailor's knots before being murdered. The team convenes to interview the residents of Rogers Park, the last place the victim was seen alive.

Dawson and Olinsky interview the parents of the victim at the morgue, and find little to go on. The father wants to know if his son was sexually abused before he was murdered, adding, "there's no problems on our street, and when there are, we deal with them."

Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) and Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) go door to door at Rogers Park, interviewing residents on anything they might have seen or heard. It's a nice, quiet, middle-class neighborhood, but no one is able - or possibly willing - to provide any useful information.
Lindsay returns to help with the case. The investigation catches a possible break when it's discovered that Darren Woodhull, a registered sex offender from Utah, moved into the neighborhood last year, never registering himself as an offender in Chicago.

When interviewed, Woodhull tells Lindsay and Dawson he already knows about the boy because as a registered sex offender in Utah he knows he's always a suspect (turns out he did register as a sex offender in Chicago, but the information was never entered). He also has an alibi for the time the boy went missing. But a bandage covering a nasty gash around his neck from a recent sailing mishap raises a red flag for the detectives (after all, the victim was tied with sailor's knots), along with the fact that Woodhull's car was in the shop all week. They tell the suspect to stay close because they might not be done with him yet.

After learning that the suspect received no first aid for his injury, Voight, Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer), Lindsay and Olinsky visit his house. Instead of Woodhull, they find a terrified man in a closet with a locked and loaded shotgun pointed at Lindsay. The man (Vaughn Besh) claims to be Woodhull's protector, and that "people" are out to get them both.

In the Interview Room, the team confronts Besh. As he's another registered sex offender and lives in the same house as Woodhull, the team wants answers. Things take another turn when they learn that Besh caused Woodhull's neck injury and that Woodhull isn't missing but has been kidnapped by "them." For Dawson, the case is an obsession, and he nearly crosses the line when his interrogation takes a brutal turn.
At the garage that has Woodhull's car, Atwater and Olinsky find bloodstains under the trunk's mat. Voight and Ruzek question the victim's mother, believing that her husband may have taken justice into his own hands. It leads the team to a group of local vigilantes, attempting to beat a confession out of a badly beaten Woodhull.

Now in custody, Damien Boyd (one of the vigilantes) is told that his own son is missing. This, along with the fact that the blood in Woodhull's car matches the young victim's, spins the case in a new direction as the team realizes that Woodhull can't be the killer. The only one who had access to the car for a week was Kurt Hollister, the mechanic, also now missing. Add in the unidentified body found in the freezer of the garage's shed, and Hollister becomes the main suspect.

At the District, the team determines that the body in the freezer was Ray Malone, a lifelong resident of the neighborhood. Boyd tells the detectives that Malone had sought to clear his conscience after an accidental shooting that took place when he was a boy, taking the life of Hollister's son. Unhinged upon learning the truth, Hollister killed Malone, and the team theorizes that he took Boyd's son hostage. Their fears are confirmed when an APB puts Hollister and the boy in a local park.

In a dramatic showdown, the team finds Boyd and rescues the boy. But Hollister doesn't go quietly: he raises his gun to shoot Dawson, and is gunned down by Halstead instead.

The team's complicated relationships took their share of twists and turns, too. Olinsky and his long-lost daughter vowed to help each other out the best they can. Roman and Burgess drew closer when Roman revealed the secret behind his hypodermic needles (and occasional weakness on the job): he's been donating bone marrow to a young leukemia victim. And finally, a furious and spurned Bunny sets a chain of events into motion that will have untold consequences as she reports a crime from May 6, 2001, in which Hank Voight fabricated information, and put the wrong man away for a crime.

Chicago P.D. - Season 3

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