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Chicago Med - Season 1

Chicago Med (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "US"


Sarah learns where her future lies at Med; Dr. Charles treats a man intent on cutting off his own arm.

Sarah (Rachel DiPillo) sweats out the results of Match Day, where medical students learn where they will spend their residency. After a harrowing day at Med - which, in part, saw Sarah drilling into a man's skull - she learns that she will continue on at Med, but in pathology. Though pathology was Sarah's first choice, she seems torn in the fact that those around her in the Emergency Department have come to view her as family.

Jennifer Baker, the woman Will (Nick Gehlfuss) resuscitated against her wishes, passes away shortly after leaving the hospital. Later, the woman's husband thanks Will for never giving up, and it appears that the lawsuit against Will and the hospital will be dropped.

Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) treats a man intent on cutting off his own arm. A victim of a very real disorder that makes the patient feel like his arm is not his own, Dr. Charles seems to make progress... until the patient secretly uses a makeshift tourniquet to cut off blood to the arm. In the end, the patient gets his wish after Dr. Choi (Brian Tee) determines they must amputate the afflicted arm.

A former Chicago Bears football player brings his son to Med upon learning that the boy swallowed two magnets. After an emergency surgery becomes their only option, Connor (Colin Donnell) and Natalie (Torrey DeVitto) successfully remove the magnets. April (Yaya DaCosta), instrumental in calming the young boy's nerves during the ordeal, agrees to go out on a date with Tate, the ex-pro football player.

Chicago Med - Season 1

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