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Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Sharp Elbows"

"Sharp Elbows"

The Boden and Patterson feud spills over into 51; Boden investigates the source of the conspiracy. Treat Williams guest stars.

Captain Patterson (Brian White) suspends Severide (Taylor Kinney) from 51 for a day, citing their recent confrontation in the bar. Severide's dad, Benny (guest star Treat Williams), suggests they go after Patterson with both barrels, even going so far as to dig up dirt on Patterson's past. When Severide demurs, Benny takes matters into his own hands - and finds evidence of criminal wrongdoing from Patterson's youth. After much debate, Severide decides to turn over the file of evidence to Patterson. Patterson wants to know what Severide wants... but Severide insists he wants nothing - just the chance to remind Patterson that they're both human and can do the right thing when it's called for.

Meanwhile, the conspiracy case against Boden (Eamonn Walker) takes a turn for the worse. In addition to the faked photos that show his accuser beaten and bruised, Boden's fingerprints were on the victim's wine bottle - which seemingly backs up the woman's story. Boden unintentionally makes matters worse when he looks into the apartment building's security camera. With his suspicions firmly pointed in one direction - at Chief Riddle - he confronts Riddle at a C.F.D. gala, insisting that he'll uncover the truth. In a show of solidarity, all of 51 unites behind Boden at the event.

Other developments this week:

Cruz (Joe Minoso) continues his quest to get his friend Freddie out of a gang and offers him safe refuge at the firehouse.

Chili (Dora Madison) and Borrelli (Steven R. McQueen) continue their romantic relationship, even risking a little covert PDA within the firehouse.

Borrelli faces a real test of leadership when a momentary lapse in his judgment causes Casey (Jesse Spencer) to be hit by a car during a rescue.

Dawson (Monica Raymund) incurs Patterson's wrath after she accuses him of an alliance with Riddle.

Otis (Yuri Sardarov) asks Brett (Kara Killmer) to the gala, and she accepts.

Voight (Jason Beghe from Chicago P.D.) shows up with a private offer to Boden to help him get to the bottom of the conspiracy.

Chicago Fire

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