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Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "A Taste of Panama City"

Season 4 Episode 2

"A Taste of Panama City"

Casey looks to nail Nesbitt, Dawson shares big news, and Severide simmers under the new captain.

The investigation surrounding the crack house fire heats up, putting Boden's badge on the line. Dawson transfers to Arson, where she finds evidence that the fire was no accident. Meanwhile, witnesses to the fire refuse to cooperate.

Severide continues to chafe under Patterson's leadership - but also starts a new romantic relationship with a lawyer, Jamie Killian.

Casey is able to find Katya's notebook, leading to a violent confrontation with Nesbitt; the CPD arrests Nesbitt before he kills Casey.

Brett and Chili visit Chicago Med to check on the baby they delivered from the mother they were unable to save.

Casey and Dawson are unable to keep their pregnancy a secret, as good news travels fast at Firehouse 51.

Chicago Fire

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