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Check out the new faces of Fargo

Check out the new faces of FargoKirsten Dunst in Season 2 of Fargo. Courtesy, FX


FARGO_02_09_PATRICK_ROAD_FULL.jpgPatrick Wilson as Lou Solverson: A Vietnam vet and State Trooper investigating a triple murder at the local Waffle Hut. Solverson is the only character who was also in Season 1 (although a much older version, played by Keith Carradine).

“This is a different Lou is a strange way,” said Wilson. “He’s fresh out of Vietnam. There’s a big change when you’re 30 or 60.”




Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 6.49.46 AMTed Danson as Sheriff Hank Larsson: A Second World War veteran and Lou’s father-in-law. He is also investigating the triple murder in the Waffle Hut.

“I think part of him is kind of saddened by what he sees and how it seems like those fellas brought the war home,” says Danson. “After World War 2 they didn’t have a murder in this town for six years and now they are falling from the trees. He’s a decent, honest good man whose intentions are good.”






FARGO_02_05_KIRSTEN_CAR_FULL.jpgKirsten Dunst as Peggy Blomquist: A small-town hairdresser who dreams of bigger things. A twist of fate puts her in the crosshairs of some very dangerous people.

“Peggy is complicated, let’s just put it that way,” says Dunst. “She has grown up in Minnesota and used to that lifestyle of having children. That’s what you do in life, you stay in the small town. She is torn between that and this other idea where she feels she can do more and be more. So she is stuck in this limbo of her imagination and what her reality is” Plemons as Ed Blomquist: A small-town butcher who wants nothing more than to buy out his boss’s business and start a family with Peggy.

“He’s just trying so hard to figure out what’s going on in his wife’s mind,” says Plemons. “He can’t quite get there.”




2A330905C-B7FC-38F9-4E4E81E88E31A858Cristin Milioti as Betsy Solverson: The wife of Lou Solverson and daughter of Hank Larssen.

“She is a fiercely intelligent, very strong-willed woman who is also very stoic,” says Milioti. “Still waters run very deep with her. There’s a lot going on, even though she doesn’t necessarily show it.”









Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 6.56.41 AMNick Offerman as Karl Weathers: A lawyer and conspiracy theorist.

“He doesn’t have a lot of work, he doesn’t have a lot to legislate in Luverne,” says Offerman. “And so he spends a lot of time at the VFW with his buddy Sonny playing cards and playing bingo and drinking. He’s a very committed drinker.”

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