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Chasing Shadows (ITV)

To find a serial killer you must know them, learn the way they work, study their behavior, find their routine.

Chasing Shadows is a new 4 episode drama series which follows a police unit as they track down serial killers. The series will consist of two self contained two-part stories. Casting for the series is currently underway, with production set to commence in the South East in February 2014.

Created by Rob Williams, Chasing Shadows follows the exploits of a missing persons field unit which is charged with tracking down serial killers who prey on impressionable and vulnerable people. The unit is comprised of a number of police officers and staff including DS Sean Alexander, a man on a mission who is described as being both socially awkward and obsessed with deciphering codes and uncovering patterns of behaviour; Ruth Hattersley, Sean’s civilian partner who is a mean negotiator with keen analytical skills; DCI Carl Prior, Sean and Ruth’s boss; Bryan, Ruth’s son; and Adele, Sean’s housekeeper. ITV Studios is producing with Rob Bullock serving as the series producer and ITV Studios’ Francis Hopkinson serving as the executive producer. Ripper Street helmer Christopher Menaul is attached to direct the first two-part story.

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