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Chaotic Kolkata takes its toll on teams on The Amazing Race Canada

Chaotic Kolkata takes its toll on teams on The Amazing Race CanadaCTV Cynthia and Brian assemble a garland at the Mallick Flower Market in Kolkata, India on The Amazing Race Canada. **Embargoed until 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2015.** | Photograph by: CTV , Calgary Herald

When the makers of The Amazing Race Canada were planning this year’s route, they must have had a laughing fit at the juxtaposition they created with this week’s leg. The six remaining teams wake up in the relative peace of Saskatoon and are whisked away to the pressure cooker of Kolkata, India. The never-ending noise alone in the City of Joy is enough to cause blood-pressures to boil over, not to mention the surging crowds, the smells, the unrelenting heat that soars over 40 C and comes with a shirt-soaking humidity. Here are three things you need to know about this week’s episode:

The chaos of Kolkata, India challenged the six remaining teams on The Amazing Race Canada.

Temper, temper

Everyone, it seems, is affected by the whirlwind of landing in the overwhelming hubbub of Kolkata. And remember: it’s taken them 30 to 40 hours just to fly there, with a time change of 11½ hours. Then it’s off the plane and into the maelstrom. Even the tightest of teams start to crack, what with the white-knuckle traffic — “There are no lanes. They keep making up their own lanes,” Gino says on the ride in from the airport. “OK, I am putting my seatbelt on. Oh, they don’t have any” — and its accompanying cacophony of horns, the crush of crowds and the omnipresent heat and humidity. BFFs and bros Gino and Jesse actually let a “shut up!” fly during a spat on the street during the rickshaw portion of the Detour. Even normally Zen Ope gets short with daughter Simi during the same task.

Simi and Ope navigate the streets of Kolkata during a Detour task on The Amazing Race Canada.


Getting around the crazily congested streets puts all the teams to the test. That is, if they can even catch a cab. Getting to the first location, the Mallick Flower Market, isn’t that bad, with Brent and Sean arriving first. Then it’s a ferry across the Hooghly River to a potter’s colony where teams must find their particular goddess from a sea of statues. (Brian is convinced he is correct and the judge is wrong. Really.) Taxi troubles then hit Dujean and Leilani, while Simi and Ope’s driver drops them off on the wrong side of the Detour, allowing Nick and Matt to start loading their rickshaw first. More driver distractions dog Dujean and Leilani, who spot the wrestlers’ cab on the race to the Pit Stop at the National Library. And Gino and Jesse? Their cab curse continues as they finish the Detour ahead of Simi and Ope, but then fall behind them because they can’t catch a ride.

Married police officers Brian and Cynthia Boyd learn they are the last team to the Pit Stop in Kolkata, India on this week’s The Amazing Race Canada. The couple from Winnipeg were eliminated from the competition.


How discombobulated are the teams? So topsy-turvy that Dujean and Leilani don’t believe it when host Jon Montgomery tells them they’re first to the mat. Finally it sinks in that they are No. 1 for the leg and get two tickets to London from Air Canada and gas for a year from Petro-Canada for their efforts. Nick and Matt figure they’ve got first wrapped up — for once — but are crest-fallen with their second-pace berth. Brent and Sean think they’re racing Simi and Ope for last place, but end up in third, just ahead of the father-and-daughter duo. And then there’s Brian and Cynthia, the married police officers from Winnipeg, who believe they are still in the running. Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. The forever stressed-out Brian and his wife are instead sent packing for their last-place finish.

He’s not heavy, he’s my brother: Sean can’t hold Brent during the yoga portion of the Detour, dropping his sibling on his head.Next week: The Race heads to Delhi, where teams finagle fish at a market, try their hand at turban wrapping and get dirty during a wrestling challenge.
The Amazing Race Canada airs Wednesdays on CTV.

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