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CBS Orders a Nancy Drew Revival Pilot

The character of Nancy Drew has come to mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Created in 1930 by publisher Edward Stratemeyer, ol' Nance is known as one of the original teenaged girl detectives who got by on spunk, insane observational skills, the I.Q. of a brainiac, and a prim-and-proper way of carrying herself. Nancy Drew is getting the television reboot, and of course so much of what you know about her will be shoved aside in favor of creating another police procedural.

CBS has ordered a pilot for Drew (no "Nancy"), an update on the classic sleuth that's aiming for a spot on CBS's future schedule, according to Entertainment Weekly. And this Nancy Drew will be in her 30s, working for the New York Police Department as a detective, and using her "uncanny observational skills" to crack cases. Oh, and she won't be white!

In other words, it will be just like every other police show on television, but with one of those familiar sounding brands attached to it that will actually put off fans of the original franchise.

The most recent reboot of Nancy Drew was a movie released in 2007 with Emma Roberts(pictured, above) in the lead role. ABC tried a television version with Maggie Lawson as Nancy, but that only made it as far as a one-off Wonderful World of Disney special.

Are you ready for an adult, professional NYPD detective version of Nancy Drew?

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