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CBS Cancels Extant, but Not Its Relationship With Halle Berry

Another CBS summer sci-fi series bites the dust. Following Under the Dome's sad sendoff earlier this year, CBS has blasted Extant into the deep space of cancellation after two very confusing and not-that-successful seasons, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Extant, about a female astronaut (Halle Berry) who maybe had sex with a space ghost and came back pregnant with an alien baby that got into a war with her android son or something, wasn't a ratings hit like Under the Dome was in its early going. But it did benefit from Under the Dome's success and was able to secure a streaming deal with Amazon that made the show profitable despite its weak ratings. I'm guessing Amazon said no thanks to signing up for a third season of streaming rights, just as it probably did with Under the Dome, and that did the show in. Of course this is all just me guessing, and what do I know?

But CBS hasn't parted ways with Extant star Halle Berry. Berry will stick with CBS and is developing a legal drama for the network. Legalease would follow a biracial lawyer (Berry has not been pegged for the role... yet) who takes a case in New Orleans, where she'll partner with a white attorney while exposing the biases of the justice system down there. It is unclear whether or not she'll have a robotic son.

With Under the Dome and Extant both gone from CBS's summer, it's up to the recently renewed Zoo and the upcoming "Congress is full of aliens" dramedy BrainDead from the The Good Wife creators to fill in the warmer months. That is, until the next Stephen King is ripped from the pages and slapped on the screen.

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