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Casualty: Wedding inferno!


Most brides’ biggest worries on their wedding day concern the groom not seeing them in their dress or the caterers not showing up. But Holby ED consultant Zoe Hanna has much bigger problems on her wedding day, when she gets cold feet before the wedding!

We can’t tell you whether the union of hospital favourites Zoe and Max goes ahead in Sunday’s conclusion of the exciting two-part special. However, we can reveal there’s an explosive ending to the episode!

Elsewhere, Dylan gets an official diagnosis of OCD and tries to rid himself of his compulsions, but struggles more than he expected.

Meanwhile Louise tries to put her demons behind her by arranging to meet the patient whose baby died when she was a nurse…

And Charlie’s son Louis is out of rehab and ready to move on. He asks his dad for deposit money for a flat, but when Charlie hesitates Louis is deeply hurt by his reluctance. Later, drunk and angry, Louis gets in a fight with Max.

When Charlie and Lofty try to break it up a flame heater is knocked over. The marquee goes up in flames, and lives are on the line…

8:00pm, Sunday, 23 August 2015 | BBC1

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