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Casualty: Dixie and Iain get lucky! (Saturday)


There's something in the paramedic's tea this week… Both Iain and Dixie get lucky!

It's the day of Jeff’s anniversary and the paramedic is still much missed, so his co-workers Dixie and Iain organise after work drinks to celebrate Jeff's life. But before they can go to the pub, Iain and Dixie must complete an intense training course with the highly competitive HART team, which is when Dixie is asked out by Jess!

Later at Jeff's drinks, on the surface it seems a sedate affair, but underneath emotions are simmering…

Straight-laced Lily gets legless after a bad day at work, unhappy Max and Zoe come to a decision about their future, and Iain makes one of the ED nurses an indecent proposal – which she accepts! Will he regret his one-night stand with a co-worker?

Also this week: Keep an eye out for Waterloo Road's Victoria Bush, who guest stars as an accident prone patient at the end of her tether.

9:10pm, Saturday, 3 October 2015 | BBC1


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