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coronation street, carla connor

Carla’s trapped by Tracy, who shows her no mercy, says Corrie’s Alison King

carla connor

Carla’s trip to a wedding fayre turns unfair when she bumps into florist Tracy and Robert on Coronation Street next week.

Alison King reveals all to Soaplife...

What happens when Tracy ambushes Carla in her hotel room?
“Tracy can’t find Robert [Tristan Gemmill] and is convinced he must be holed up with Carla for a repeat performance of the night they slept together. Tracy [Kate Ford] shoves Carla out of the way hunts around her room, demanding to know where Robert is. Carla is obviously astounded and says she doesn’t have a clue. That’s when Tracy grabs the painkillers Carla needs for the injuries she got in the raid on the bistro.”

And Carla’s in a lot of pain…
“Yes, but she’s good at putting on a brave face. She’s exhausted, though and doesn’t have the strength to snatch back the medication.”

And the stuffing’s really knocked out of her when Tracy reveals she knows about her night with Robert, isn’t it?
“Yes. Carla is completely shocked and protests that she doesn’t know what Tracy is on about, but she knows she is in deep trouble.”

And she ends up admitting to everything!
“Tracy forces Carla to by refusing to hand over the painkillers unless Carla admits she slept with Robert. But once Carla does admit it, Tracy becomes even angrier and still isn’t satisfied – she wants more answers.”

Is Carla worried that Tracy will tell Nick (Ben Price)?
“To begin with, she’s just desperate to get the painkillers and tries to explain to Tracy that it happened after Tracy and Robert had split. But then Tracy starts to talk about how it will feel seeing Nick’s face when he finds out. Carla really starts to panic. She can see no way out of this and knows Tracy has no qualms about ruining everything for her.”

But Tracy says she’ll do a deal to keep quiet. What is it?
“Tracy wants to ruin Carla completely and take away everything from her that Tracy has ever been jealous of. She tells Carla she wants her move away from Weatherfield - but, more importantly, she wants Carla to convince Nick to sell the bistro to her and Robert.”

Does Carla agree to Tracy’s demands?
“She tells Michelle [Kym Marsh] she’s tempted, seeing it as an opportunity to start afresh and walk away from everything that has ever happened to her in Weatherfield. Carla decides to test the water with Nick first, to see how he feels about moving away…”

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