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'Carla's knocked sideways when Johnny reveals he's her father,' says Corrie's Alison King

Carla Connor, Coronation Street

Carla is devastated when Johnny drops a bombshell in Coronation Street, Alison King tells Soaplife…

Is Carla noticing that Johnny seems very jumpy?
"Yes – she thinks something’s going on with the business that he’s keeping from her. When Johnny [Richard Hawley] finally reveals the real reason he’s so on edge – that he’s her father - Carla’s knocked sideways. It comes completely out of the blue."

How does she feel when she finds out her brother Rob has been blackmailing Johnny over this?
"It’s devastating. She is baffled about how long Rob [Marc Baylis] has known this secret and why he’s being so cruel as to do this to them all now. It’s shocking for Carla, but there are also Kate [Faye Brookes] and Aidan [Shayne Ward] to consider – childhood friends who are suddenly her half sister and brother."

How will Carla react if Johnny asks her not to tell Kate and Aidan?
"I don’t know if she will be able to do that. Carla is really confused – she doesn’t know who she is any more. She is really angry with Johnny for keeping this secret for all these years."

Will she tell Nick the news?
"I’m sure she will – she’ll need to confide in someone and he’s the obvious person. She may well confide in Roy, too."

What do you think their advice will be?
"I imagine they’ll advise her not to tell Aidan and Kate just because she is angry with Johnny. But Carla really wants to make someone pay…"

Will the shock send her back to her old gambling ways?
"I don’t think anyone will be surprised if she reverts to type and heads off to the casino. She could well press the self-destruct button."

In what way?
"Carla now feels so worthless about her life, she may make herself live up to that label. She’s gambling, she’s drinking, she could even be about to cheat on Nick, too – even though she really loves him! If that happens, the consequences may be truly catastrophic."


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