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Burden of Truth Episode 2  Kristin Kreuk

Burden of Truth (CBC) Episode 2 Preview - "The Ties That Bind"

A fish out of water in a town that’s as foreign as it is familiar, Joanna must reckon with questions over her family’s hasty departure when she was a teenager, while attempting to convince the locals that she has in fact switched sides.

About Burden of Truth:
Burden of Truth is a serialized investigative drama about life-altering legal cases – the helpless plaintiffs searching for answers and the boots-on-the-ground lawyers fighting incredible odds to deliver justice. Each season, the series will investigate and litigate one complex legal case. 

In season one, attorney Joanna Hanley leaves her picture perfect legal career as partner in a corporate law firm to solve the case of a mysterious illness affecting the female high school students of her home town in Manitoba – a prairie town with an industrial past and an uncertain future. She joins her former high school nemesis, local attorney Billy Crawford, to find the source of the illness and win justice for the girls. Billy and Joanna have to put aside their resentments and opposing legal styles to find the answers they seek. The drama focuses on the emotional consequences of an assumed cold case through the devastating fallout on the surrounding town. 

Joanna realizes there’s not just a legal investigation waiting for her in Millwood, but a personal one. She starts investigating herself just as she would a case, beginning with her darkest family secret: the reason her family was forced to suddenly leave town.

Burden of Truth explores human relationships in the context of a legal mystery, highlighting the stress and impact on the investigators fighting a case that might come to nothing, and the danger of a growing illness that they may never be able to identify or cure. 

Burden of Truth Episode 2  Kristin KreukBurden of Truth CBC Kristin Kreuk

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