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Boris Johnson - Brexageddon!?: Preview - BBC Two

Boris Johnson - Brexageddon!?: Preview - BBC Two

James Twottington-Burbage presents Boris Johnson with his book "Pathological Liar - Everyone Loves a Fool".

The team behind the Bafta-winning satirical comedy The Revolution Will Be Televised - Jolyon Rubenstein and Heydon Prowse - treat us to Brexageddon, a one-off, 30-minute comedy special satirising the EU referendum and its seismic effect. Capturing the heated debate within a nation, the show is centre court to the most dynamic drama to unfold in recent Whitehall history.

The show's comedy characters tackle the EU referendum saga from all angles, including the implementation of Scottish border control, attending the EU, sending a confused Dale Mailey to understand Remain supporters, UKIP supporter Dennis attempting PR relations at an anti-fascist rally, bearing witness to Farage's exit (just after they poignantly gift him), hipster campaigning for an independent State of Islington, negotiating new terms of living with Costa del Sol's expats, and getting stuck in a revolving door with Boris Johnson. Are you in... or out?


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