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Blindspot (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Cease Forcing Enemy"

"Cease Forcing Enemy"

Jane tests her relationship with the FBI while infiltrating a terrorist plot; Patterson faces suspension. John Hodgman guest stars.

In the wake of Carter's (Michael Gaston) death and Oscar's (François Arnaud) arrival, a few developments have taken place. Zapata (Audrey Esparza) no longer needs to resign, and now that Oscar has confirmed that Jane (Jaimie Alexander) is in fact Taylor Shaw, she has a new route to unlocking the secrets of her past. Oscar wants Jane to get her security detail removed - if the FBI refuses, they're not on her side. To make matters even more complicated, Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) wants to talk to Jane about their kiss. And FBI Chief Inspector Jonas Fischer (John Hodgman) is questioning Patterson (Ashley Johnson) on the circumstances around David's (Joe Dinicol) death, in the hopes of getting her suspended.

After one of Jane's tattoos leads the team to an island off the coast of Turkey, they discover a massive commercial airliner that vanished months ago. It turns out the plane was downed by a group of terrorists, who are forcing its passengers to build equipment to disable the U.S. military's GPS satellites. When the team is captured, Jane intentionally dislocates her thumb, freeing herself and the others. However, now Jane and Weller need to board the terrorists' plane to shut the deadly mission down. Patterson helps them turn off the engine in mid-air, and coaches Jane through an emergency landing. Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) defends Patterson's abilities and ultimately prevents Fischer from securing her suspension.

After returning home, Jane asks Mayfair to remove her security detail and gets a yes. So was Oscar wrong, after all? Jane ditches a date with Weller to discuss their personal situation to meet Oscar instead. He points out that while the FBI did remove her detail, they're still following her - they're scared of her and, he says, they should be. But now that they're beginning to trust each other, it's time to execute Jane's master plan - whatever that may be.


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