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Black Sails 2014


black sails


Season 1 Episode 5


Flint and the Walrus crew play a deadly chess match on the open sea, Richard forces Eleanor’s hand, Rackham makes a career change, and Bonny confesses to Max...


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Black Sails 2014

Captain Flint convinces Billy Bones to go along with his plans. He insists that the crew needs to focus on their jobs, and not the truth to what really lies ahead.


Black Sails 2014

Now that Captain Vane's crew is in need of money, Rackham devices a scheme to make he, Vane, and Anne Bonny part owners in a brothel.


Black Sails 2014

Eleanor can not figure out what has happened to Mr. Scott. She says that she is going to see her father, and hopefully he can tell her what the fu** is going on! lol Eleanor finds John Silver chained to a man. She proceeds to blame him for what has happened to Max.


Black Sails 2014

Silver says that she can not blame him, he told Max not to get involved in his scheme.


bs V2

Richard Guthrie speaks in front of an angry mob. He tells them that his holdings have been liquidated, and those that he owes money, Eleanor will try to pay them back.



Back at sea, Captain Flint and the crew are hot on the trails of the Captain Dyfed Bryson's ship, which contains the firepower needed to go after the Urca.


Black Sails 2014

Max gets pregnancy preventative treatment, 1700 style, from the brothel's Madame.



Seeing Max in pain from the forcefulness of the Madame, Anne Bonny takes over. She tells Max that she shouldn't let the men treat her like that.


bs V

Flint and the crew test the strength of their ship, as they try to catch Captain Dyfed Bryson's ship before nightfall.


Black Sails 2014

Eleanor goes to see her father, and Richard tells her nothing about Mr. Scott. She arranges a meeting with the major businessmen in Nassau.


Black Sails 2014

Outside, the people hold a rally. They are mad because Eleanor and her father have not been paid.


Black Sails 2014

Blood is shed at sea, and Flint's crew takes control of the Captain Bryson's ship.


Black Sails 2014

Eleanor speaks to the other businessmen and Captains. She organizes a plan for them to proceed without her father's influence, and everybody will share in the profits. They want her to withdraw the ban on Captain Vane, but she will not do it.


bs V1

Flint and the crew can not get to the cargo. Captain Dyfed Bryson  has secured his self, along with the weapons and 20 men, down in the bottom of the ship.


Black Sails 2014

The bottom of the ship is filled with slaves that they were transporting. Mr. Scott is a part of the group. Captain Dyfed Bryson apologizes to Mr. Scott, because Mr. Guthrie told the Captain to put him in with the slaves. He said it was because he sided with Eleanor. Now that was fu**ed up!


Black Sails 2014

Captain Bryson forces a slave to be a suicide bomber, but he is shot before he can get close enough to cause harm.




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