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Season 1 Episode 11


Dr. Bickman's doorman has an aneurysm; Catherine is depressed after revealing a difficult diagnosis...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Now that Catherine has split from Will, she spends the night with Bickman. The next morning, she meets the hotel doorman, Joey, who collapses while heading to the car. They rush him to the Cube. Joey has suffered from an aneurysm. Bickman spars with another doctor, Phoebe Schwartz, about the treatment. He wants to work on Joey. The guy is like family to him.

Complications arise during the surgery. Bick has four minutes to make it right. Phoebe and a group of med students watch from the observation room. Bick completes the procedure with barely a second to spare. They can’t take Joey off the ventilator after his surgery. Bickman takes the news hard. He blames himself for letting Catherine fill his mind. It got in the way of his job.

A patient, Fred Baker, is misdiagnosed as being on meth amphetamines. The search is on to find the guy as Catherine feels the heat from Farrah. After revealing a difficult diagnosis to a young mother, Catherine finds herself sinking into a deep sadness. In her desperation, she misleads a nurse into supplying her with oxycodone. She turns to Joshua for help.

Catherine tracks down Fred Baker, who has a rare disorder causing tremors and mood swings. There could be liver damage. Catherine promises there are treatments for his condition. She later gives a lecture to Mackenzie for her screw up. She wants her to care more about her patients than her residency. Mackenzie takes this advice to heart by giving Leo a confidence boost regarding his studies.

Bickman convinces Joey that another doctor may be able to help him. Dr. David Finney is being brought in because Bick is scared. Joey recovers nicely. He’s even well enough to open the door for his doctor as he exits the hospital. Bickman later tells Catherine that he thinks they need to take a break. Dr. Hartramph is brought up to speed on all that’s happened. She writes out a prescription once she hears Catherine say that she believes her survival is at risk.








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