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Bizarre case of the copycat anecdote

A radio chat anecdote Grant Denyer gave to Kyle & Jackie O is remarkably similar to one told by Triple M’s Matty Johns on The Grill Team.

The quotes from the Family Feud host have resulted in a ban by both KIIS and TripleM hosts.

The copycat anecdotes surround reminiscing about the old board game, Test Match.

Here’s what Johns had to say, and how Denyer recounted his version:

Matty Johns:
I tell you what I found in my cupboard — Test Match. I said, ‘Hey boys!’ They were out the front kicking a ball around. ‘In about 10 minutes, come in, I’ve got something for ya — it’ll change your life!’ So I layed out the mat … brought them in. And they looked at it. They said, ‘How’s this work?’ And I showed them the bowler and they said, ‘We’ll be playing the X-Box’.”

Grant Denyer:
Do you remember the game Test Match? Remember that was, like, a cricket game that came out? And you had little players you had to put everywhere. Then a little guy came along and you tipped his arm up and a little ball rolled down towards the batsman. We got that out not that long ago and put it in front of a 10-year-old kid, I said, ‘Mate, I just want to introduce you to the greatest boardgame that ever exists’. He walks out and he goes, ‘What’s this crap! This is the worst graphics of any computer game I’ve ever seen!’

“He has just totally stolen my story. Is that worse than burning the Australian flag?” Johns told TripleM listeners.

Despite being radio rivals, Sandilands told Johns, “Hi guys, we heard about the disaster with Grant Denyer. Stealing your story, Matty, and putting it on here as his own. I think it’s disgusting.

“And, you know what guys, he didn’t do the story justice, I thought his delivery was really poor.”

Or maybe he needed to survey 100 people for a good anecdote first?

News Corp contacted TEN for comment.

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