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Season 1 Episode 7


The pack contemplates a truce, but the death of one of their own will force them to go on the offensive...


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Daniel Santos, having now stepped out of the shadows as the leader of the Mutt uprising, requests a meet with the Pack to discuss a potential truce.


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The Pack sees this as a perfect opportunity to set a trap for their enemies and end the uprising once and for all.


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Back in Toronto, Rachel tells Logan that she was pregnant before, but had a miscarriage.


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Philip needs help tracking down the person who posted the video online, so he calls his former girlfriend/colleague Sylvie (Natalie Lisinska).


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On their way to the meet with Santos, Jeremy and Antonio are sidetracked by an injured woman.


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The two are quickly ambushed by Santos and Thomas LeBlanc.


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Jeremy gets stabbed, but Antonio gets it the worst.



Clay arrives and rushes them back to Stonehaven, where Nick and Elena try to help stop Antonio's bleeding.



Antonio dies, cradled in Nick's arms.



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Clay and Elena go after Zachary Cain. They track him down, grab him, and take him back to the Manor for questioning.


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Elena finally calls Philip, and apologizes for leaving without giving him warning. She tells him that she is dealing with a death in the family, and hopes that he stays with her while she gets through it.


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Jeremy falls to the floor unconscious, and Elena calls for help. They realize that there is something seriously wrong with Jeremy, and it's not because of the knife wound.


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