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BITTEN (Space/Syfy)


Season 1 Episode 6


Back in Toronto with Philip, Elena thinks she sees creepy ex-Pack member Daniel Santos trailing her (and she's right).


Philip sees she's shaken. Rather than confess the truth - she's a werewolf and saw an evil ex-Pack member - she opens up to her bf about another trauma. When she was in foster care, she was molested by a man named Victor Olson.


Logan encourages Elena with the strides she has made in letting go of the past. He tells her not to let her past with Clay ruin her future with Philip.


Before the wedding of Philip's sister, the bride-to-be gets cold feet. Elena talks her through it and the wedding goes off without a hitch.


Philip's mother, who previously hated Elena, goes to only slightly disliking her after seeing how Elena saved the wedding.


Santos then surprises Elena by showing up to the wedding. He offers Elena protection from the imminent Mutt uprising - if she aligns with him. When she turns him down, he gives her a gift for Jeremy.....

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Nick learns that Pack ally Dennis Stillwell is dead - and his eyes have been gouged out.


At Stately Stonehaven Manor, a upstart named Samuel Boggs challenges Jeremy's Alpha status. They fight and Jeremy prevails.


Jeremy orders Clay to torture the Mutt as an example to anyone else that would challenge him. Clay hates doing this and gets all emo and sad.


Across town, Logan gets a shock when Rachel reveals she's pregnant. Uh-oh. Unexpected news, but Rachel doesn't realize her baby may be a werewolf.


Clay calls Elena and tells her he needs her more than ever. That - and a package that Daniel left for her - convince Elena to head back to Stately Stonehaven Manor (without saying goodbye to Philip).


The contents of the package Daniel left are revealed when Elena arrives "home" -they are the eyes of Dennis Stillwell, the Pack's ally whose body Nick found earlier.



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