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BITTEN (Space/Syfy)

bitten BITTEN_EP101_102_D11_SW_0095_REV-650x433

Season 1 Episode 5


When Sheriff Morgan discovers Michael Braxton's abandoned truck at the edge of Stonehaven property, all eyes turn to the Danvers family, and all suspicion turns to Clay, specifically. Jeremy offers to involve the family in a search party sweep of the territory, but when the locals (including Braxton's hunting buddies) cry fowl about Clay's involvement, only Nick and Elena are sent out to help find Braxton. As the Pack works to protect Clay from being set-up for Braxton's murder, we show (via flashback) the events leading up to Elena getting bitten by Clay - their initial meeting and the love affair that convinced Clay he should bring her back to Stonehaven to meet Jeremy...only to be met with devastating results.) When Elena comes across Braxton's body, she knows Clay has been set-up to take the fall, so has no choice but to move the body to protect him...what's worse: she has to Change to do this. Everything she hates about this life - murder, leaving human form - is shoved at her in one fell swoop.....


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