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Billy Bob Thornton Talks Filming in the Frozen ‘Fargo’ Tundra (Video)

FX star talks to TheWrap's red carpet team ahead of our inaugural Emmy Season Party

“Fargo” star Billy Bob Thornton attended TheWrap's inaugural Emmy Season Party, and the warm L.A. air at the poolside shindig may have fit his fancy more than filming in the frozen tundra.

“The best part was getting back to the hotel at night, with the heater on,” Thornton told TheWrap‘s Rebecca Rosenberg about his favorite part of filming the FX drama. “That was fantastic.”

Thornton went on to say that despite the cold, the cast and crew made the experience more than worth the trek up to chilly Calgary, Canada.

The season finale of FX's miniseries adapted from Joel and Ethan Coen's Oscar-winning 1996 film airs on June 17.

-  /The WRAP

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