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Bill Collins remembers Debbie Reynolds

Mr Movies himself Bill Collins has written a lovely memory of Debbie Reynolds for the Daily Telegraph.

Here is an excerpt:

Debbie had such a nice disposition — even if she was angry you couldn’t dislike her.

She had a freshness on the screen that others didn’t have. She wasn’t a glamour girl. She just created characters that were interesting and likeable.

I don’t think heavy drama was her forte but she was great at comedy. She had an aura people could relate.

How can I put this — I don’t want to sound rude — but she was like an ordinary person in some ways. She was talented, and I wouldn’t take that away from her, but you felt you could know her or like her as a person.

She also had a fine sense of humour and an approach to life that I liked very much.

I first met Debbie 15-20 years ago. It was after her show in Las Vegas. For a while there, she owned a casino where she displayed some of her collection of MGM costumes and props, which included Judy Garland’s iconic ruby-red slippers, Marilyn Monroe’s white pleated dress from The Seven Year Itch and Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra costume.

Her friendliness is what surprised me most. She did not have any airs or graces, she did not let you know she was a VIP.

You can read more here.

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