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BIKIE WARS - Brothers In Arms (Full Episodes)



The six-episode series dramatises the story of the Milperra massacre, when the Bandidos and the Comancheros motorcycle clubs went to war on Father's Day, Sunday 2 September 1984. The massacre had its beginnings after a group of Comancheros broke away and formed the first Bandidos Motorcycle Club chapter in Australia. This resulted in intense rivalry between the two chapters. At a public swap meet at the Viking Tavern at Milperra, New South Wales, a brief but violent battle ensued with seven people shot dead, including a 14-year-old innocent female bystander. There were 28 more people wounded, with 20 requiring hospitalization.

Each episode starts with a quote stated by Justice Adrian Roden when the clubs went before the New South Wales Supreme Court; "As patriotism can lead to jingoism and mateship can lead to cronyism, so bikie club loyalty can lead to bikie club war."

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Episode One

Alone and adrift after his discharge from the Navy, Anthony Spencer discovers the seductive world of the outlaw bikie and the formidable force that is William "Jock" Ross – Supreme Commander of the Comancheros.

Episode Two

Now a fully-fledged member, Anthony "Snoddy" Spencer does his best to calm bristling egos when Mario "Chopper" Cianter, Colin "Caesar" Campbell and his brothers Gregory ("Shadow") and Phillip ("Bull") threaten to become a club within a club.

Episode Three

After splitting into two chapters, tensions with Jock's western chapter make a mockery of club loyalty. Snoddy and the city chapter reject their Comanchero colours and join the Bandidos forming the first ever chapter in Australia.

Episode Four

Hostilities between the two clubs intensify with Jock declaring war on the Bandidos. Forcing the Bandidos to retaliate.

Episode Five

Father’s Day, 1984. A swap meet at the Viking Tavern in Milperra becomes the moment of truth for both clubs as they square off in preparation of a bloody battle.

Episode Six

The confrontation at Milperra leaves six bikers and one innocent bystander dead ("Chopper" & "Shadow" of the Bandidos. "Foggy", "Leroy", "Sparrow" & "Dog" of the Comanchero and 14-year-old girl Leanne Walters).

Many of the members from both clubs are imprisoned as they await trial. The stresses and guilt are too much to bare for Snoddy, he relinquishes his Presidency to "Bull" Campbell before hanging himself in his prison cell.

57 Bandidos & Comancheros are handed lengthy sentences for various convictions. Due to serious misdirections to the jury by trial judge Justice Roden, the Court of Appeal quashed the 'murder' convictions and the majority of bikers were released immediately.

Jock served a total of five years and three months for his part in the massacre. His time served was the most of anyone involved.


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