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Biggest Loser was “too close for comfort” says Shannan Ponton

Flight Instructor Lynton Dalla Rosa has won TEN’s failed reality show The Biggest Loser: Transformed, scooping a $100,000 prize in the process.

He lost 43 kilos and was voted the audience favourite as “most transformed” despite Stonemason Brett earlier winning $50,000 as ‘Biggest Loser.’

“It was hard for me, but I had the support of friends and family,” Lynton said.

The Live final produced by Studio 10 asked the TBL hosts why the show had not been a success in the ratings.

“I think it challenged a lot of people,”said Shannan Ponton. “When your contestants are 250 kilos there’s a degree of separation. We now know that about 70% of Australians are overweight or obese. That’s a lot in that middle section. I think people who are 80 or 90 kilos were being challenged by the show.

“It was a little bit too close for comfort.”

Contestant Nikki, who entered the show at 78 kilos, was also asked about a backlash about being ‘too light’ to be on the show.

“I knew that I was unhealthy,” she said. “78 kilos for me was overweight, and I think everyone got to see that with the DEXA scan. I had 24 kilos of excess fat on my body. I wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle. The thing with me too was I needed self love. It didn’t matter what weight I was, once found that self-love and worked on that mindset throughout the show through eating right and exercising I felt fantastic within myself.”

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