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Big Brother Canada looking for an Edmonton connection

Big Brother Canada looking for an Edmonton connectionHOH 'Lumberjack and Jill' challenge have Big Brother Canada houseguests hanging on for dear life. (CNW Group/SLICE)

Big Brother Canada is looking for contestants for its fourth season. And if you’re willing to live under constant surveillance, have a desire for 15 minutes of fame, or, most probably, could use the $100,000 grand prize, you’re in luck: On Saturday, the hit TV show — that pits 15 or so strangers against one another under the same roof for three months — is stopping in Edmonton on a quest to fill its house.

The open casting call goes down at Knoxville’s Tavern, 10736 Jasper Ave., Sept. 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Ticket-holders for the Saturday Edmonton Eskimos game can also attend a casting meet and greet inside the Commonwealth Stadium’s Gate 2 at 3:30 p.m.

We spoke to casting director Robyn Kass about who makes a good housemate.

Q: What’s your advice for aspiring housemates at the open call?

A: Basically, get a good night’s sleep the night before and have a couple hours because the line could be long. But they’ll probably only spend five to 10 minutes with us. We bring in a group of about five or six people at a time. We’ll ask them to tell us about themselves and then we’ll ask a couple of questions about the game.

Really, we’re looking for enthusiastic people and people with a lot of opinions who can speak their mind. And we like conflicting opinions, of course.

Q: What about what not to do?

A: I would say the big turnoff at the open calls is people dressed in costumes, people over-prepared with a song and dance — we don’t need any of that. We’re just looking for people to speak naturally and be themselves.

Q: Do people base their auditions on previous seasons of Big Brother? 

A: I think that some do and I would advise against it. We can read through people who are trying to give the answer that they think we want to hear.

Q: What happens to the people who nail their audition?

A: People who move on to the next level will get a call within 48 hours, then we’ll bring them in for an in-depth, 30-minute, on-camera interview one-on-one. And from there, if they make it to finals, they’re flown out to Toronto.

From Edmonton, anywhere up to 60 people will get the on-camera interview. And throughout the whole country, we usually bring about 60-80 people to Toronto.

Q: Folks can also submit an audition tape at Is there an advantage to coming to the open call?

A: Some people are more comfortable in a group of people and talking to us in person; some people are more comfortable in their own home. At the open call there’s usually an excitement about meeting the casting directors, but there’s absolutely no advantage of doing one over the other.

Q: And do the eventual housemates reflect that?

A: I’d say it’s 50-50.

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