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Big Bash scores a bright start for TEN’s new year


TEN has started the year on an upbeat note, with its primary channel surpassing Seven’s in Week 1 of 2016.

Nine won the week in Total Shares and 25-54 but the Big Bash League saw TEN take the demos 16-39 and 18-49. TEN’s best coverage was the double header on Saturday, which saw it win with a 30.6% network share.

There was also good news for ABC with its New Year’s Eve midnight fireworks as the top rated show of the week at 1.33m viewers. ABC also won Thursday night.

While TEN’s win is outside of ratings season, the Big Bash League is working as a platform to promote upcoming content.

Nine: 26.1
Seven: 24.2
TEN: 23.7
ABC: 18.7
SBS: 7.4

Primary channel:
Nine: 17.5
TEN: 16.9
Seven: 16.2
ABC: 13.2
SBS: 5.1

7TWO: 4.6
ONE: 4.0
GO!: 3.6
7mate: 3.3
ABC2: 3.2
9Life: 2.5
GEM: 2.4
ABC News 24: 1.4
SBS 2 / Food Network: 1.1
ABC3: 0.9
NITV: 0.2

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