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Better Call Saul Is Renewed for Season 3

As Jimmy McGill would say, "Let's get down to brass tacks, folks." Better Call Saul is great, and thankfully AMC knows this, too. The network ordered a third season of the Breaking Bad  spin-off on Tuesday, ensuring we'll get another round of the best show currently set in Albuquerque. Season 3, like the two before it, will be 10 episodes long.

Okay, saying Better Call Saul is the best show set in Albuquerque is selling the series short. It's a fantastic character study that somehow manages to merge the worlds of a con artist as he disrupts the legal world and a grumpy old man as he works in the criminal underground. Once thought of as an unnecessary tangent from one of the greatest dramas of our generation, Better Call Saul has become a unique series all its own and earned seven Emmy nominations last year.

Better Call Saul is halfway through its second season and picking up steam quickly.Here's our review of Monday's excellent episode.

Better Call Saul airs Monday nights at 10pm on AMC.

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