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Bert on the mend after being hospitalised for pneumonia

Bert Newton is home recuperating after being hospitalised from pneumonia.

“Things are ok, but Bert has been seriously ill,” entertainment reporter Peter Ford told The Morning Show.

“He is on the mend. He is now out of hospital, but there’s still ongoing testing to be done, still a recovery time obviously.

“He’s 78 years old. Pneumonia is a very serious thing to have. But that’s the reality of the life for Bert and Patti.

“And yes, Patti was there at his side, pretty much the entire time that he was in hospital.”

The news comes on the day the showbiz veterans have been subjected to yet another misleading magazine story, with New Idea teasing a “shock split” (seriously, these are senior Australians, these kinds of distressing lies are tantamount to bullying…lift your game).

Ford denied the latest manufactured scandal.

“You’ll read stuff, you’ll hear stuff. You’ll get the truth from me,” he said.

Best wishes Bert!

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