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being human season 4
Season 4 Episode 6

"Cheater of the Pack"

Josh wakes up to a surprising discovery that shatters his life, as well as the future he's planned with Nora. Aidan reconnects with Suzanna and remembers the life he once had while trying to stave off his hunger. Someone from Sally's past resurfaces with news that not only sends her jumping back through time, but will also change her and the roommate's lives forever...

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Josh wakes up from a turn next to a beautiful blonde. BUT the beautiful blonde is NOT his wife, but is instead, Wendy, the wife of jerky werewolf Mark. Even though it was their wolves who had sex and not their humans, Josh knows that he'll be in hot water if Nora finds out.
But before Josh can even fathom telling Nora the truth about his wolf's romp in the woods with Wendy, Sally's brother Robbie shows up to inform the roommates that he'll be selling the house. And in true Robbie fashion he tells them that they have two options: either come up with $300,000 to buy the house from him or be ready to move out in 30 days. That Robbie. Such a charmer.
After a deep discussion over lunch, Josh and Nora decide that maybe it's time they move out of the house into a home of their own, which would be great for them, but would suck for Sally and Aidan. The end of an era? *tear*
Meanwhile Suzanna catches Aidan just as he's about to duck into a seedy blood den. She talks him into a new way of "drinking" that's less vampire and more human (if that's possible). But will this new diet of Aidan's last? The verdict's still out on that one…
Back at the house Sally is still trying to find a way to save the house when Robbie shows up with some potential buyers. In a panic, Sally has no choice but to use her magic to …stink bomb the place. The horrendous stench sends the clients running from the brownstone. Sally: 1. Robbie: 0.
As usual, using her magic sends Sally back to the past and this time she lands in 2009 right before an alive Sally and a non-murderous Danny were about to move into the brownstone. Here, ghost Sally becomes privy to a talk Robbie and Danny had outside the brownstone where Danny's true - douchy - colors were shown and Robbie revealed himself as a caring and concerned little brother. Who knew.
Back in the present, Aidan and Suzanna are still thick as thieves. He holds post on a stool taking blood shots, while she works  the bar. And when some unruly customers start to nag her she compels them to take a hike, while Aidan looks on, falling in love all over again. Josh stops by to ask Aidan's advice on whether or not he should tell Nora the truth about Wendy.


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Aidan advises Josh to keep his wolf romp with Wendy to himself because sometimes, the truth hurts. Suzanna overhears this and flashes back to the grisly truth that she killed their son, Isaac. Having just heard Aidan's advice to Josh she decides to take this truth to her grave, the vampire equivalent of a grave.



Like any two good looking people with an eternity ahead of them, Aidan and Suzanna find themselves hooking up again after all these centuries. In the afterglow of their lust they make a few promises to one another --Aidan swears to stay on the wagon and not kill/drink from anymore innocent people so long as Suzanna promises to not stake anymore vampires.



Back at the house, Josh doesn't get the chance to tell Nora the truth because jerky wolf Mark and his wife Wendy show up with Mark pouncing on Josh for his indiscretion with his wife's wolf. Josh takes the punches like a man until Mark pushes Nora as she tries to break up the fight and then the gloves come off and Josh turns full-on wolfman to protect his wife.



As chaos ensues upstairs amongst the wolves, Robbie gets to work in the basement to try and get to the bottom of the stench coming from the pipes. Only he has on his headphones to drown out the arguing overhead so he doesn't hear the electrical power drill mysteriously fall off the work table behind him. Nor does he realize the puddle of water forming near him. The two elements collide and *ZAP* he's electrocuted and dies in what seems to be a freak accident.



Like any dude - mortal or not - Aidan made a promise to Suzanna in a moment of passion that he couldn't keep and ends up drainining an innocent girl. In a desperate move, he calls Kenny for help. So much for his 12 steps to recovery.


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