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being human season 4
Season 4 Episode 5

"Pack It Up, Pack It In"

Aidan and Kenny have a night of drinking to help Aidan forget a recent loss in his life, while Josh and Nora throw a baby shower for their new wolf friends that quickly gets out of hand. Sally jumps around in time to learn surprising things not only about her roommates, but also about her new abilities and what they mean in regards to her future.....

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We pick up where we left off last episode when Aidan told Kat that he's a …wait for it…wait for it…vampire. She in turned laughed but after realizing that he's serious she – naturally – wants him out of her life for good.
To mend his broken heart –so to speak-- Aidan goes back home for a dose of self-torture and conjures up the two bloody ghosts he and Henry killed back in Season 1. But Sally puts an end to his pity party and banishes the bloody ghosts (pun intended) from the house and Aidan’s mind.
Josh’s sister Emily is back in the picture! She’s fresh out of rehab and fighting the urge to sneak a sip of champagne (Be strong, Emm!) at the baby shower Josh and Nora are having at the house for their new wolf friends Caroline and Andrew.
And speaking of parties, when Aidan and Kenny come back to the brownstone and find a living room full of wolves they do the only thing two sensible werewolves in their situation can do—they join the party. “Werewolf dance party, get some, get some!” Kenny and Aidan’s words…not ours.
Meanwhile, Emily is fighting the temptation to drink so Sally tries to cast a spell that will enable Emily to see her in the flesh so she can talk some sense into her—ghost girl to human girl. But the spell doesn’t work as Sally planned. Whoops.
As a result of using her magic, Sally is this time transported back into the roaring 20s where she sees Aidan and his son Henry feasting on two unsuspecting gals in a dark alley. Sally sees the evil side of Aidan like never before and she also discovers that her magic doesn’t work when she’s transported to different time eras.
Remember that spell that Sally tried to put on Emily to make her “see” her? Well, the only thing Emily was able to see was Kenny’s true mutated face, which freaked her out. The werewolves at the party mistook her screams as a distress call and tried to tag Kenny in a fight. Aidan steps in and chaos ensues. So much for keeping the peace. Nice job, Sally!
But Kenny didn't let a little tussle disrupt his groove. He and the cute were-girl, Astrid, he met at the party seem to be getting along swimmingly. Meanwhile Kenny’s dad, Aidan, nurses his wounds as he tries to get over Kat. Vampires need love too...


And so do werewolves. Nora and Josh take the plunge and decide to join a pack during the upcoming turn. After the kerfuffle at the house –wolves against vampires and such– Josh and Nora start to think that maybe being a part of a group of people who are like them isn’t such a bad thing after all. Time will tell if they're right or wrong.

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