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being human season 4

Season 4 Episode 4

"The Panic Womb"

Aidan and Kat's human relationship continues to grow more serious, even though he's finding himself caught up in his vampire relationships. Josh and Nora meet a couple who reminds them of a future they might one day have. Sally enlists the help of an old friend to try and solve the mystery of the girl she calls "Lil' Smokie."


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Guess who's coming to breakfast! Aidan shows up with Kenny, his son, who is supposed to be dead. Awkward. Especially for Josh who watched Kenny feed off Nora.


Sally pays Zoe, an old friend, a visit. Of course, Sally needs Zoe's help tracking down "Lil Smokie". And of course Zoe is annoyed. You would be too if your ghost friend got your ghost boyfriend stuck in limbo and then resurrected as a zombie that you had to kill so that he wouldn't eat your face.


Aggravated that Kenny is still alive, Josh takes his wolf out for a run and along the way bumps into a pregnant wolf lady who looks like she could use a good hug. She's scared that her baby might be born a wolf.


Maybe they're making up for the baby they never had? Or maybe they're just nice people? Either way, Josh and Nora help Caroline (the pregnant wolf lady) and her husband, Andrew,  get an ultra sound of their baby. Andrew's a bit high strung and Nora isn't able to get a good read on what the sex or species of the fetus is.


Aidan confronts Suzanna about her vigilante vampire actions. He tells her to get out of town or he'll have no choice but to set Kenny and the others on her trail. We guess the honeymoon is long over for these two.


And since the honeymoon is over for he and Suzanna, Aidan decides to give "human" love a try with Kat. First step? Lie to her. Aidan sets out to create a fake past to normalize himself and he enlists Nora's help to co-sign on the details.


Nora's on board for Aidan's plan of action but Suzanna thinks that trying to have a human relationship spells trouble and she even takes a break from killing vampires to tell Aidan so. Hmmm, jealous Suzanna?


Back in baby, wolf, maybe land Andrew and Caroline come to the brownstone to give birth and Nora helps them bring a purebred baby girl into the world who starts off with a wolf face but then morphs into human form. Caroline and Andrew are smitten either way. Aww, sweet?



Sally and Zoe visited the house of "Lil Smokie", the ghost Sally saw during one of her space/time continuum transports. Oddly enough, the ghost girl answered the door, which stumps Sally and irritates Zoe. Later on that evening, the mother of the ghost girl ( or non-ghost girl?) takes a stroll down memory lane and spots an old photo of her and her family along with the creepy image of her own ghost hovering in a nearby window. Weird.


Aidan decides to throw caution to the wind and disregards Suzanna's advice (hater) and ditches his plan to make up a fake past. He takes a deep breath and tells Kat the truth…he's a vampire. She in turn, laughs. Ouch.



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