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BBC Pandemic | BBC Four

BBC Pandemic | BBC Four

Which disaster do you think killed the most people in the last 100 years?


What can you do to stop a deadly pandemic of an infectious disease from spreading?


BBC Pandemic gives you the chance to get involved in an ambitious, ground-breaking science experiment that could save lives.

The most likely and immediate threat to our species is a global pandemic of highly infectious flu. Such a pandemic could be so serious that it currently tops the UK Government’s Risk Register.

Scientists from the University of Cambridge and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine are attempting to collect a gold standard data set that can be used to predict how the next pandemic flu would spread through this country - and what can be done to stop it. They need your help.

You can take part in the BBC Pandemic experiment simply by downloading the BBC Pandemic app onto your smartphone via App Store or Google Play from Wednesday 27th September 2017.

The app and results will be featured in a major documentary on BBC Four in 2018, to be presented by Dr Hannah Fry and Dr Javid Abdelmoneim.

BBC Pandemic | BBC Four

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