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Bat-Signal Shines, and Fans Dress as Batman Characters in Tribute to Adam West in Los Angeles

Adam West Tribute, Los Angeles, USA - 15 Jun 2017

Hollywood honored Adam West in the best way it knew how on Thursday night: It lit up the bat-signal one more time for the fallen Caped Crusader.

“Like you, we all spent many hours in front of the TV, same bat time, same bat channel,” Mayor Eric Garcetti addressed a crowd gathered outside of Los Angeles’ City Hall, reports the AP. “Adam West taught us each one of us had a heart of gold. There will never be another Batman like Adam West and there will never be another Adam West.”

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At that point, Garcetti and Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck lit up the bat-signal, which shone yellow and black against City Hall. Later, the words, “The City of Los Angeles Honors Adam West 1928-2017,” were projected underneath the bat-signal. » See full article at Indiewire Television

- Hanh Nguyen



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