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Banshee's Fourth Season Will Be Its Last..


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You may want to pour yourself some whiskey and take a seat at Sugar's bar because I have some bad news. TV Line is reporting that Banshee will end after Season 4. The show's eight-episode fourth season, which moved production from North Carolina to Pennsylvania and debuts in early 2016, will be the show's last. Apparently the show's producers have known for some time that Season 4 would be the show's last and have worked hard to craft an "epic" ending befitting of the show's incredible run.

When Cinemax renewed the action series earlier this year, fans wondered if the shorter episode count was a hint that this was the final chapter for Antony Starr's Lucas Hood. I refused to believe it was possible because living in a world without Hoon Lee's Job is hardly living and because the rest of the world was finally catching on to Banshee's greatness! Unfortunately, Cinemax didn't take my personal feelings into consideration, but maybe I was just being naive.

In March, when asked if the show's writers were thinking about an endgame for the series, executive producer Greg Yaitanes said that Banshee was "closer to its end than its beginning" and that the series "always had a limited premise and lifespan."

"The good thing is our relationship with Cinemax is such that when it’s time to end Banshee, we'll be given an opportunity to end it respectfully," Yaitanes said. "We always push hard to make sure every episode is better than the one before it, and that takes an enormous amount of energy and creativity and work. I feel like we have a really solid three acts that we told with Lucas’s story, and I'm very excited about the next chapter."

This is a stupid question, but will you miss Banshee?

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