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Banshee (Cinemax) Series Finale Recap & Highlights

Banshee Season 4 Episode 8


Proctor faces off with Calvin and the Brotherhood outside his home. He has a secret weapon: Senator Mitchum, a leader in the Brotherhood’s national ranks. The Senator reminds Calvin and his cohorts that the Brotherhood goes far beyond Banshee, Pennsylvania. He instructs them to make Proctor’s drug delivery their “first and only priority,” installing a new leader over Calvin.

Deva and Lucas have a moment.

Before heading off to college, Deva confides in Lucas, saying with everything that has happened, she doubts she’ll thrive in a place as “normal” as college. Lucas assures her that she has time to figure everything out, adding that now he’ll always know where to find her and promising that he will always find her.

“You’re strong, Deva. You’re a fighter like your mother – and your father. You’re going to do great.” – Lucas

After questioning Lilith at the Banshee Sheriff’s Department, Dawson tells Lucas that she thinks someone else murdered Rebecca and made it look like one of Declan’s kills. On a hunch, they go search Proctor’s property, discovering a secret basement in the tool shed. There is blood residue, and Lucas finds Rebecca’s necklace. He rushes off without Dawson in search of Proctor.

Bunker gets a call from Carrie, informing him that Proctor’s trade with the Colombian Cartel is about to go down. Brock overhears the phone call and demands to be let in on the vigilante-style bust.

Nothing ever goes according to plan.

At the Banshee airport, Proctor meets with Cartel member Loera to hand off the drugs. The deal comes to a sudden halt when Proctor opens the truck carrying his supply, only to find Carrie and Job in the vehicle. When Loera moves to shoot them, Brock fires an RPG Missile at the truck, sending the drug stash up in flames. Carrie, Job and Brock escape, and after killing Loera and his men, Proctor and Burton speed away from the scene as well.

As Proctor and Burton drive towards Banshee, Lucas barrels his car into them, sending Proctor’s vehicle tumbling off the road. Burton is knocked unconscious by the fall, leaving Proctor unprotected. When Lucas accuses him of the murder, Proctor is genuinely shocked. It dawns on both men that the only other person who could possibly be responsible is Burton. When Lucas turns to look for Burton, he finds only a pair of glasses.

Burton appears suddenly and launches an attack on Lucas. Outclassed in the fight, Lucas wins by sheer force of will and anger. He breaks Burton's back before placing him in front of Proctor and walking away. Burton confesses that he killed Rebecca because she was destroying Proctor’s empire. As Burton weeps, Proctor breaks his neck.

There is no walking away.

Calvin finds Bunker and Maggie together outside of Brock’s house. Sending Maggie inside, Bunker threatens to shoot Calvin but can’t bring himself to do it. The two brothers go at each other, fighting tooth and nail. Bunker is able to get the upper hand and leaves Calvin beaten on the ground. Unwilling to call a truce, Calvin threatens that the Brotherhood will make sure Bunker and Maggie suffer. Pushed to the edge, Bunker shoots his brother dead.

Dawson seeks Lucas out to say goodbye. Before heading out of town, she leaves an FBI report in Lucas’ room—his file.

Back at the Banshee Sheriff’s Department, Brock sits Bunker down to discuss the future of law enforcement in the town. Recognizing that Bunker isn’t willing to be fully honest with him about how Calvin died, Brock tells Bunker that they need to be able to trust each other going forward.

Cartel forces descend on Proctor’s home in retaliation for his failed drug deal with Loera, and Proctor meets them in his driveway, an AR-15 in hand.

Lucas finds Carrie at her home and tells her that he’s planning to hit the road. He asks if she wants to come with him, but he already knows her answer: Max is coming home and she’s going to stay in Banshee. The two embrace and share a final kiss before he says goodbye.

“No one else – Nobody ever really knew me.” - Lucas

Lucas sits with Sugar for a final drink. Also at the bar, Job tells the two men that he’s “gettin’ while the gettin’s good.” He has a parting gift for Sugar – a bag full of money for Sugar’s retirement.

Lucas gets on the motorcycle he first drove into Banshee and rides past the “Welcome to Banshee” sign out onto the open road.

“The past has kept you locked up long enough. Today, there’s really only one question left to ask yourself. What are you going to do now?” - Sugar

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