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banshee chayton vs hood

Banshee (Cinemax) Last Night's Recap & Highlights

Season 3 Episode 8

"All the Wisdom I Got Left"

Hood and Brock track down Chayton to Lousiana. Rebecca makes new enemies for her uncle. Colonel Stowe prepares his revenge for the robbery at the base.

The Ultimate Recap!

Lucas and Brock track Chayton to an illegal fight club in Louisiana. Lucas jumps into the fray and attacks Chayton, but the venue's manager intervenes – cop fighting is bad for business.

They look for Chayton in the bayou, but he's already moved on to New Orleans' French Quarter. Lucas spends a restless night in a hotel room anticipating his showdown with Chayton when the Redbone leader bursts inside wielding a knife. After another vicious fight, Brock tries to intervene and Chayton escapes out the window to the street below. Shotgun in hand, Hood chases him down to the waterfront, and blows off half of Chayton's face. His body falls into the Mississippi River.

In Banshee, Colonel Stowe investigates the Camp Genoa heist and shuts down the base. He's beginning to suspect Carrie's involvement. Sugar uses some of his newfound wealth to settle a personal issue with Oscar Cruz Jr. – the son of a man he knocked into a coma back when he was a fighter. Naturally suspicious, Job finds out that Oscar has been conning Sugar by lying about his dad's condition. He beats up Oscar and returns the money.

With Proctor's focus shifting to Emily, Rebecca takes a more active role in his affairs and begins selling his drugs to the Salvadorans – in violation of the agreement Proctor reached with the Black Beards. As Proctor makes his way back into the Amish fold, he's approached by armed Black Beards. They drag him and Emily away while Rebecca looks on helplessly.

banshee rebecca

banshee chayton

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