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Bad Judge - Season Pilot

BAD JUDGE (NBC) - Watch The Series Premiere!

Bad Judge - Season Pilot


In the series premiere, Judge Rebecca Wright rules her courtroom - and her private life - with an unapologetic flair...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


After an exceptionally late night, unapologetic judge Rebecca Wright awakes to a massive hangover and almost misses her first court case of the day - a man charged with bigamy and falsifying identity. She denies the defendant bail thanks to the testimony of medical expert (and off-and-on lover) Dr. Gary Boyd. Gary joins her in chambers for a make-out session on her desk until Tedward, the court bailiff, interrupts with an urgent message - 10-year-old Robby is on the phone. Rebecca takes the call and discovers that Robby needs her help, and since she put both his parents in jail, she feels a responsibility to oblige.

Despite pleas from Judge Hernandez, her superior, to focus on her work and not charity cases, Rebecca acts as Robby's "counsel" in meetings involving improper portraits he drew and advises Robby on how to stand up to bullies (punch them). She manages to keep him out of trouble... that is, until the school catches Robby in the act of following Rebecca's advice. His punishment for hitting the bully results in a transfer to a group home for violent kids, and Robby once again calls on Rebecca for help.

Meanwhile, the two wives of the bigamist issue statements on his behalf and call for charges to be dropped, urging the judge to show mercy. Rebecca notes their statements and rules that he will not be sent to jail... but he will be sentenced to time served, must wear a T-shirt that says "I'm a Convicted Bigamist" and attend a course on feminism.

When Robby reaches out to Rebecca regarding the transfer, his timing conflicts with her keynote address at a commencement ceremony, but she devices a last-second strategy and brings him to Gary, intent on reversing the transfer with a doctor's order. Her plan works, and after a stirring keynote address that impresses Judge Hernandez (but not her rival and district attorney Tom Barlow), Rebecca heads to a local bar to celebrate. She gloats a little about her success with Robby and the speech, enjoys drinks with Gary... and then bursts into a dance when a favorite song comes on the jukebox. For Judge Rebecca Wright, it seems like a perfect ending to the day.

Bad Judge - Season Pilot

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