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Bad Judge

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Bad Judge

"Meteor Shower"

Not ready to commit to Gary, Rebecca searches for the right relationship...[button color="white" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Rebecca rolls into work in her non-air-conditioned van, sweaty and unprepared to deal with the slew of paparazzi focused on starlet Brianna Barton's recent brush with the law. Unfortunately for Brianna, her case lands in Rebecca's courtroom, where Rebecca bans the use of cellphones and threatens to fine Brianna for pouting. So when a cellphone goes off and none of the paparazzi takes the blame, Rebecca arrests the entire lot for contempt of court.

At her house, Rebecca welcomes in Gary for a date night - complete with "special brownies" and a 3-D movie - but he has other plans. Rebecca can't believe it - what could be better than this? But when he suggests rescheduling for another day, Rebecca refuses to commit, and Gary leaves in frustration. She eats both brownies anyway and ends up calling 9-1-1, which would seem embarrassing except one of the responding firemen, Billy, takes a shine to her. Too bad he's only read one book... ever.

Despite assuring Tedward that she had no plans to see Billy, Rebecca sleeps with Billy anyway and immediately regrets it when his lack of intellect again comes into question. Tedward pushes Rebecca to explain what she wants - something serious with Gary, or something fun with Billy? Even though either choice is an okay one, Rebecca avoids the question and remains unsure.

Back in the paparazzi-free courtroom, Tom makes a solid case for Brianna's sentence to send a message to other attention-seeking pop stars. Rebecca considers, then issues her final decision - Brianna will spend four weeks of community service at a convent outside of cellphone reach. In other words, she will be forced to figure out who she is and what she really wants. This resonates with Rebecca, and she heeds her own advice, taking to the California highway in her van... until it breaks down. She calls the only person she can count on (Tedward), and his arrival spawns an epiphany - the longest relationship in her life is with her van! At that very moment, a semi barrels into the van and totals it. She's devastated, yet remains optimistic. They can totally put the van back together. No problem.

Bad Judge

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