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Bad Judge

BAD JUDGE (NBC) - Knife to a Gunfight

"Knife to a Gunfight"

Tedward pressures Rebecca to arm herself when an ex-con she sent to prison is released...[button color="purple " size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Watch The Full Episode![/button]


While hanging at the local bar Serpico's, Rebecca and Tedward spot a familiar face from the past: Byron Cash, a career criminal recently released from prison. Tedward freaks, certain that Cash wants revenge on the judge that sent him to jail, but Rebecca assures him she can handle herself just fine - a point she proves by staying cool even after she finds a death threat clipped to her rental van and hears creepy breathing noises on a voice mail.

For Tedward, however, the death threat confirms the fact that Rebecca needs protection. Rebecca balks at the suggestion she carry a gun - until Tedward demonstrates exactly how vulnerable she is by breaking into her house late at night. She agrees to accompany him to the shooting range to prepare for a possible gunfight and impresses Tedward with her knack for sharpshooting.

Meanwhile, Tom saddles Rebecca's courtroom with his latest case - Charlie Lewis, a dimwitted criminal facing his third strike and, along with it, a steep sentence. Rebecca feels for the defendant since all three of his crimes involved misunderstandings and advises him of his right to waive a jury trial, but Charlie stands firm, confident in the strength of his case. Unfortunately, Charlie chooses to represent himself and requires more assistance from Rebecca in order to appear halfway competent. During recess, Judge Hernandez reminds Rebecca to uphold the law, not to meddle with it.

In a last ditch effort, Rebecca asks Gary to perform a psychiatric evaluation on Charlie to determine whether he should stand trial at all, and sure enough Gary discovers that Charlie suffers from a variety of mental ailments ranging from kleptomania to multiple personality disorder. Rebecca takes this evidence to Tom and pleads with him to push for a reduced charge. He concedes and Charlie accepts a deal to spend two years in a psychiatric facility over 20 years in prison. Charlie also demands to recite his closing arguments in front of an already-excused jury.

Later, Rebecca suddenly finds herself face to face with Cash in the courthouse parking lot. She braces for the worst, but Cash instead expresses his thanks - prison changed his life for the better. Turns out Cash didn't write the death threat or leave the creepy message - the stenographer Judy did! She meant the note as a sly nod to join her at hot yoga, and while at hot yoga she accidentally butt-dialed Rebecca. In any event, Rebecca did end up with a gun - a cute gun necklace. Because who needs a gun when you're an expert crossbow hunter? Rebecca shows off her enormous crossbow to Tedward. Guess this judge really can handle herself...

Bad Judge

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