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Baby bombshell for Robert! ‘Rebecca can’t go through another abortion’ reveals Emmerdale’s Emily Head

Later, she tells Victoria Barton that she’s decided to keep the child, as Emily Head reveals…

How does Rebecca feel about being pregnant?
“She’s very confused. She can’t go through another abortion. Deep down, she’s always wanted to be a mum.”

So you think she wants to keep this baby?
“Rebecca is in a very fragile place and she’s struggling. She may not be ready to have a baby, but the first time Robert got her pregnant, she had an abortion and she’s carried that with her for a very long time.”

Is she in love with Robert?
“She definitely was, but he’s been pretty mean to her. She wants to feel loved and the trouble with her relationship with Robert is she never got closure. However, the things he’s said to Rebecca have been pretty vile and she doesn’t particularly want him in her life at the moment.”

Does she feel bad about how this might affect Aaron?
“Rebecca likes Aaron and she sees him as a casualty in the love war. If Aaron were not on the scene, she might have pursued a relationship with Robert more forcefully. If things were different, she’d probably be really good friends with Aaron.”

What does she think when Robert reveals Ross Barton has been blackmailing him?
“She feels bad as she was sort of in a relationship with Ross when she slept with Robert. She doesn’t want Aaron to know about her and Robert, and the threat of Ross telling him is quite terrifying. She doesn’t want to ruin anyone’s life and she can see how in love Robert and Aaron are.”

Why hasn’t she told the Whites about the baby?
“Her dad’s already kicked her out so many times and her sister, Chrissie, left her for dead. It’s not a family where love is at the forefront. Victoria’s the only person Rebecca feels she can talk to at the moment.”

Is it a pressure playing the woman who might split up ‘Robron’?
“Yes, when I read the script I was like ‘Oh no! They’re so loved!”


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