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B.C. Mountain Goats Take A Trip Into The Valley To Soothe Their Sore Bellies | Wild Canadian Year

Spring water rich in nutrients and minerals is just the right balm for an upset tummy.

These mountain goat moms and their month-old kids have travelled from their mountain homes to the valley bottoms.

The fresh alpine greens upset their stomachs, washing out the nutrients they need to produce milk for their little ones. To ease their digestion, they visit a mineral spring that bubbles up from underground where they replenish the missing minerals and nutrients by drinking the water and licking the rocks containing salts and clay.

“It was such a pleasure to enjoy mild early summer weather and sunshine filming these goats. They’re really charismatic animals. They have a lot of personality. It’s especially fun to watch the kids. They are so playful and so bold — learning how to make their way down these incredibly steep rocky slopes,” says The Wild Canadian Year director, Jeff Turner.

These goats have cloven hooves. Their two toes spread wide to improve balance and rough pads at the bottom provide natural grip. Their ability to climb keeps them safe from predators.

Powerful and nimble, they can jump three-and-a-half metres in a single bound.

They’ll spend a week here each summer and then travel back up to the mountain tops to take full advantage of the alpine plant bloom.

Mountain Goats  Mountain Goats  mountain-goats-at-the-top Mountain_goats

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