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Axed: Good Game

ABC’s long-running video game showcase Good Game has been axed after both presenters advised they were moving on.

Management has decided to discontinue the series, ending a 10 year run for the show.

The news will come as a shock to the fan’s loyal audience who had afforded the show cult status, and stuck with it despite a controversial cast change in 2009.

Co-host Steven O’Donnell last year told TV Tonight, “They may not be the biggest audience but they are very passionate.

“We’re creating a highly-produced, detailed review and culture show about games.

“So our strength is the detail and it’s why some stories take a couple of weeks. Sometimes our reviews will be two weeks late purely because it takes time to play the games and we can’t get them up ‘on the day.’

“But we hope people watch us for the personalities and the stories we produce.”

O’Donnell has indicated he will continue with Spawn Point and the ABC, for which he will also appear in an upcoming comedy.

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