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Aww love – Lovebirds Nic and Sabrina talk about their ups and downs on The Amazing Race Canada

Aww love – Lovebirds Nic and Sabrina talk about their ups and downs on The Amazing Race Canada
 CTV Nic La Monaca and Sabrina Mercuri are the last to arrive to the Pit Stop in Sudbury, Ont. on The Amazing Race Canada. The couple from Montreal are the latest team to be eliminated from the TV series. **Embargoed until 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2015.** | Photograph by: CTV , Calgary Herald

Aww, love. Nic La Monaca and Sabrina Mercuri, the lovebirds from Montreal, were eliminated from The Amazing Race Canada when they were last to the Pit Stop in Sudbury. The couple, known for sprinkling ‘Aww love’ throughout their conversations, made the media rounds Thursday morning to talk about their time on the reality competition show.

Question: How did you prepare to be on the show?

Nic: My job allows me to always stay fit, so the physical aspect for me wasn’t that much of a challenge . . . To prepare for the Race, we looked at old episodes, we tried to strategize, w e tried to relive the experiences of other teams and say, ‘Okay, how would we attack the situation?’ But once we actually got on the show, there is no way you can prepare 100 percent for what’s about to come.

Sabrina: And from the day that you get cast to the day that you have to leave, it’s not that much time. It’s not like you find out months before. So even for us, both of us were in school; we were working; we had final exams going on. So the moments we had, we tried to strategize because we knew we were going to have to save time somehow.

Nic and Sabrina were at the back of the pack on the leg through the Magdalen Islands, but the couple from Montreal benefitted when two other teams took four-hour penalties on this week’s episode of The Amazing Race Canada.Q: What your strengths as a team?

Sabrina: I think the strengths for us is the fact that we are multilingual; the fact that we have a lot of patience. We were never really argued. When we couldn’t get something we were frustrated, but we were never frustrated with ourselves . . . So patience was key.

Nic: Whenever things were tough, we never got at each other’s back. Or whenever Sabrina needed a bit of that push, the coaching aspect that I have really helped in those moments where we needed a push, or needed to get going or needed to be lifted up I that little bit.


Q: What was your weakness on the Race?

Nic: CPR, for one.

Sabrina: The thing with the Race is, a lot of it is luck. So what is our weakness, I couldn’t tell you.

Nic: That is for the viewers to decide. The weakness we had, yeah, the physical aspect, yeah it counts, but it doesn’t get you far.

Sabrina: That was something too. A lot of social media was, ‘Oh my God! Sabrina, she is so unfit.’ The reality is, we knew that going into the Race. And the Race isn’t about being physically fit; it’s about being mentally strong. A lot of viewers don’t get that. Yeah, you can be super fit, but that’s not going to make you win the Race as we saw with Dana and Amanda, unfortunately. They were the fittest team and look what happened.


Sabrina and Nic make their way through the streets of Buenos Aires on The Amazing Race Canada.Q: What did you enjoy most about being on the Race?

Sabrina: I think seeing the rest of Canada. Unfortunately, we don’t have that much time to travel outside of our province. We had the opportunity to meet fantastic people and to see Canada, places we never would have gone if not for the Race. We couldn’t believe how beautiful this country really is.


Q: Nic, what was the high point for you?

Nic: I would have to say the courage that Sabrina showed in the first episode. I think that when she took on the obstacle course at Ontario Place. Seeing her push through that was absolutely amazing . . . . If ever we were down, we would channel that energy.

Sabrina: (Nic yells, ‘Nic doing CPR!’) I would say it was Nic’s high spirits that was able to keep the team going. We were very frustrated at many points . . . Mentally, you have to be very strong 24/7. As soon as you (let) go for those five minutes, that could cost you the Race. It really can . . . He was always ready to coach me, to push me through it.


Q: Has being on the show changed your relationship?

Nic: I wouldn’t say it changed it or affected it. Going into the Amazing Race Canada, we knew we weren’t using this to test our relationship. It was, ‘Let’s go on the Amazing Race and test our limits.’ If there is one thing that we really noticed, it was the level of patience and tolerance we have for one another when things are down.

Sabrina: We loved each other before; we loved each other during; we loved even more now. I love him a little bit more every day; it’s only normal.

Nic: Aww.

Sabrina: Aww love! But I don’t think it affected our relationship, not negatively anyway. Positively, of course, you are with that person 24/7. I know you a little bit better now, love.

Nic: She knows if she is choking to call 911.

 This interview was edited for clarity.

The Amazing Race Canada airs Wednesdays on CTV.

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