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ARROW (CW) - Hello Lover...

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Season 3 Episode 7

"Draw Back Your Bow"

Oliver must stop an Arrow-obsessed serial killer, Carrie Cutter, who is convinced that The Arrow is her one true love and will stop at nothing to get his attention. Unfortunately, her way of getting his attention is to kill people. Meanwhile, Ray asks Felicity to be his date for a work dinner with important clients. Thea auditions new DJs for Verdant and meets Chase, a brash DJ with whom she immediately clashes...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Watch The Full Episode![/button]


Tonight's episode starts with the origin story of that snarky female archer we saw at the end of last week's show. It turns out she was a police officer the Arrow saved last season during the battle with Slade's mirakuru'd-up army. Her name is Carrie Cutter and she ended up killing Stansler as a present to Arrow.

This week's rewind to Queen's Hong Kong days kicks off with Tatsu reminding how much she doesn't like having him around the house. Maseo heads out to check out some new intel for Waller. He says he'll only be gone for an hour....

Felicity and Palmer's relationship is taking a turn for the romantic, beginning with her checking out his during-work-hours-topless workout sesh. He then says he needs her at a special dinner related to the cogeneration project and shows her a five-figure couture dress he's bought for her.

Arrow watches a TV press conference where Palmer announces he's changing Queen Consolidated's name to Palmer Technologies. A smiling Felicity is standing next to the podium.

Cutter lures Arrow to an apartment where she speaks to him directly. She's a huge fan (read: stalker) and wants to join up as a partner. She sends him the image of a man who is going to be her next victim and tells Arrow to hurry. It's Joe Gravano, a local mob boss.

Felicity tells Queen about the work dinner thing with Palmer. It doesn't go over well.

To the surprise of no one Maseo is late coming home by about eight hours. Queen and Tatsu plan to go looking for him after Queen makes a point to calls her "just" his wife.

Thea runs into the world's cockiest DJ and she won't hire him without an audition. Guess we've seen the last of him.

Queen finally remembers Cutter's face and Felicity digs up photos of her at multiple crime scenes. Felicity connects her to a flower shop. At the shop Cutter quickly knocks out Roy/Arsenal, who isn't having a great month of work. She again professes her love for the Arrow and manages to get away after forcing Arrow to save Gavano.

The clearly not fine Queen tells Digs he's totally fine with Felicity spending tons of time with Palmer. Digs mentions this to Felicity, who assures him nothing is going on with her and Palmer. Phew.

Arrow pays a visit to the psychiatrist who treated Cutter following an earlier stalking situation that led to her leaving the force. She advises him to be honest, or Cutter will know it.

Cutter learns via a computer-savvy buddy that the Arrow home base is somewhere near the Verdant nightclub. They she, of course, stabs him in the neck with an arrowhead. Lance finds the nerd's body and calls Arrow with the head's up.

In trying to track down her husband with Queen, Tatsu reveals herself to be a like totally awesome martial artist. Unfortunately one of the mobsters she beats down tells her it's likely Maseo was killed a few hours earlier.

The DJ Thea hired doesn't work out. You-Know-Who shows up to save the day.

Felicity dazzles at the dinner meeting.

Queen learns that Cutter was altered to Verdant. He calls her and sets up a meeting away from the club. Some of this conversation revolves around Arrow's desire that he must always be alone. Felicity and Digs hear this back at HQ. Arrow and Cutter fight, a throw-down which culminates in her handcuffing him to the subway tracks and electing to die alongside him. But Arrow breaks free last-minute and saves both their lives.

Tatsu and Queen return to find Maseo waiting them. He wasn't killed after all.

Thea and the DJ also totally make out, after he inexplicably turned down his fee for the night.

Digs recommends Queen go after Felicity before it's too late, which we all know means he arrived at her office just in time to see her make out with Palmer. We watch Palmer stare longingly at a superhero outfit he's been designing, ostensibly for himself.

The episode ends with a sneak peak at perhaps yet another villain. Downtown we say a man stop another gentleman from behind. He pulls out what looks like a knife/boomerang and throws it at the man he's been following. It flies past him, then swings around and embeds itself in the victim's back.

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